Stephanie's Phone #:

 If you make an appt. and your are not able to come please let me know before appt. time. I make plans as you do and common courtesy goes long way. 

Appointments will be limited to 30 minutes.


 Appointments will be made, Friday all day (except nap time) or every other day after 4:00pm for safety reasons :)

For safety reasons I do not have my address posted on here. 



Today I did my Maths and Science - I toasted bread. I halved and quartered, counted, measured, used my eyes, ears and head. I added and subtracted on the way, I used the magnet blocks and memory tray. I learnt about a rainbow and how to weigh. So plaese don't say,"Anything in your bag today?"

You see I'm learning as I play, I learn to listen and speak clearly when I talk. To wait my turn, and when inside to walk. To put my thoughts into a phrase, To guide my crayon through a maze. To find my name and write it down, To do it with a smile and not a frown.To put my pasting brush away, So please don't say, "What, Nothing in your bag today?"

I've learnt about a snail and a worm, Remembered how to take my turn. Helped a friend when he was stuck, Learnt that water runs off a duck. Looked at words from left to right, Agreed to differ, not to fight. So please, don't say, "Did you only play today?"

Yes I played the whole day through, I played to learn the things I do. I seek a problem, find a clue, and work out for myself just what to do. My career sets the scene and stands nearby, To help me when I really try. They are there to pose the problems, and to help me think. I hope they'll keep me floating, and never let me sink. All this is in my head, and not in my bag. It makes me sad to hear you say, "Haven't you done anything today?"

When you attend your meetings and do your work today, I will remember not to say to you, "What, nothing in your bag? What did you do today?"


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