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Also in my Daycare binder I have references that you are more then welcome to look at.

From the moment I met Stephanie I knew that she would be wonderful with my 3 year old twins and 7 year old daughter. She is so kind hearted and giving. She was wonderful when my children were potty training. She made sure to have them every few hours sit on the potty. They played outside and went to the City park whenever possible. My little one's took naps for her very well. She went to four different places to find my 3 year old girl a special character blanket for nap time so she'd feel special. She really went out of her way. When school is done, she walks over and gets the children to make certain their safe. I highly recommend Stephanie. 



My two boys, ages two and five, have been going to Stephanie Whaley's  World of Fun Daycare since May 2007. When looking for a closer daycare to home, I went to Waseca County for the list of all daycares in New Richland. At first sight, as opposed to most in New Richland, I was very pleased with her home and daycare within, which is very important to me. Stephanie and her family are very nice and pleasant people to be around.

Stephanie's daycare is all the things a parent could hope for: the daycare area is always clean and orderly on a daily basis, my children not getting sick since they started is a testament to this. My children are given well balanced meals snacks and do many fun activities and crafts. In addition to a superb indoor area, outdoor play is exceptional. My children have spent more time outdoors playing on the play equipment or riding various toys ar Stephanie's than at the two previous daycares they have been at. 

Stephanie is also easy to talk to and is always willing to listen and ask for input or improvements at her daycare.

In closing, I highly recommend without reservation, Whaley's World of Fun Daycare, as it is most importantly, loving and safe.

- Parent

Our daughter Ashley, is 5 years old and she attended daycare at Stephanie's for approximately 3 months. Ashley really enjoyed going to Stephanie's every day for daycare and looked forward to it. Stephanie provided 2 meals and snacks daily that our Ashley really liked. Ashley also really looked forward to the crafts and projects that she did while attending daycare, as well as computer time and outside playtime! Stephanie was very flexible and very accommodating with our schedule and we would definitely recommend her as a daycare provider.

- Parent





We recommend Stephanie Whaley's daycare. She has taken care of our child for one year now, since he was 17 months old. She always greets us in the morning with a smile and my child seems to really like going there. Most days he does not want to come home since he is having so much fun playing. In the summer when it is nice out they play outside and he just loves it. Even in the winter when the weather in not to cold Stephanie takes the time to bundle them all up and takes them to play in the snow.
My husband just had a recent 6 week layoff and she was very understanding when we needed to cut a few days for our financial reasons. She always gives us plenty of notice for her days off and her vacations. Once again we highly recommend Stephanie's daycare.




I just want to start by saying you are very fortunate people to have Stephanie watch your children. I was lucky enough to have Stephanie come to my house and watch my children. I have a four year old and twins that are two. Stephanie watched my children for approximately 9 months and then decided to open her own day care. I was happy for her but, I hated to see her go. She spent so much time with my children they grew very close to her. I wish she could come back. She spent a lot of time playing with the children and trying to teach them new things. Stephanie is great person I would recommend her for anyone. She is a very caring and loving person. I know you would be very happy with the way Stephanie care for your children.



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