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 My son Aidan, age four, has been going to Stephanie Whaley's World of Fun Daycare since May 2007. At the age of three, he was enrolled in New Richland's preschool in September 2008 for a total of two hours, two days a week. After five months in the school, it was very apparent that he was learning nothing. Any and all crafts he brought home were similar to something Stephanie had already taught him. The final straw was in the third week of January where the calendar stated for the 20th, "Penguins" and on the 22nd,"More Penguins!"

After expressing my disappointment with Stephanie, she put forward the idea of teaching my son under her preschool program- which she obtained from online preschool and home-schooling sites-  for two hours every day, five days a week which she was planning on doing for her own son. After reviewing her materials and an example of a month's curriculum, it was a no-brainer to pull Aidan from the school program immediately. Since beginning Stephanie's program in February, Aidan has learned in leaps and bounds.

Unlike at school, he has learned his shapes, colors, numbers, and letters of the alphabet all in a fun coloring way to keep his interest and not make it feel like a task and Stephanie has him trace his name on every paper. I addition to learning the said important skills above, he does learning crafts on a weekly basis, can cut with scissors to make his own puzzles and is taught about things in every day life, such as holidays,weather, animals, people in the community and much more, all which is presented to me at the beginning of each month in a detailed calendar form. Best of all, he comes home every day excited to show me what he hasd learned and made.

Stephanie's preschool program is above and beyond what I expected. If she only did half of what she is teaching Aidan, it would still be 100% better than the school's preschool program.

In closing, I highly recommend without reservation, Stephanie's preschool program.


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